How to Sprint Breaststroke like a Rankmaniac

Breaststroke is a confusing stroke.  It involves a bit more power and glide than turnover, and if I don’t time each movement right, it’s a pretty bad stroke.  A couple things over the past few weeks got me from consistently going a 1:22 to a 1:19 flat.  First of all, I changed the path of my pull.  A straighter pull is faster and increases turnover, but sacrifices a lot of power.  I changed it back to a big pull, the one I originally learned as a kid (“scoop the ice cream, eat the ice cream”).  The second thing I changed was actually turnover.  I glided less and the end of each stroke.  This doesn’t mean no glide at all.  In the video above you can tell everyone still pauses at the top of their stroke for like half of a second.  This helped not only with plain going faster, but also with keeping body position.  By gliding less my hips had less time to sink from the surface.  The last thing that helped me improve were walls.  Getting off of the wall fast and strong is something that will affect an entire lap.  So, get of the wall quick and as soon as your in position start the pull out.  (Off of a start take advantage of the speed from the dive and just glide for a bit before starting).  Big pull, strong dolphin kick, and another big kick to get you going.  Coach always says good breaststrokes don’t swim much breaststroke.  This is why.

Something I intend to work on over the next week before SCIACS is my kick.  First of all, I need to time it right.  If I kick to early my legs basically becomes brakes during my glide and I stop moving a bit and sink a little.  Secondly, my legs are pretty lazy when it comes to finishing the movement – I’ll do a strong kick but don’t whip them at the end for the extra bit of power.  This will not only improve my glide a bit but also put me in a more streamlined position.


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